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With the memecoin season taking off, the legal battles involving the biggest companies in the space and the Bitcoin network's unprecedented congestion... yet another month in web3 that felt like a whole entire decade. So here's the deal we are offering here: let us re-immerse you with the fundamentals of the web3 community (with some 🔥 memes at the end) against 5 minutes of your precious time. Probably the best trade you will make this month, since it doesn't involve losing money on the first pump and dump shitcoin you see trending on Crypto Twitter...

Let's dive right into it, here is what we got for you.


  • BitDAO makes a huge move in the space

  • Ledger's new product sparks controversy

  • Apple might change its stance on web3

  • How leading token communities are using DAO tools

BitDAO's huge recent move

For those who are not familiar, BitDAO is the largest DAO in terms of treasury size and has been behind tremendous development in terms of web3 products, tokenomics and governance systems. Most importantly, they are one of the smartest communities in the space, proving so by using CharmVerse to coordinate their daily operations. 🥰 

So the big news is that BitDAO and Mantle are teaming up to make something BIG happen. Mantle is a supercharged, flexible L2 blockchain, running on the might of Ethereum. Together, they're whipping up a new and exciting project - the Mantle Ecosystem.

It's basically a digital world steered by a DAO, diving headfirst into the web3 universe and valued at a whopping $2.5 billion. This project has the goal to promote effective governance in DAOs and encourage mainstream usage of tokenized technology. By relying on BitDAO's strong expertise and financial transparency, this project might have the potential to fundamentally change the DAO ecosystem and offer unprecedented products in DeFi such as liquid staking derivatives. Let's meet again in Q3 2023 for this much-expected launch!

Ledger's new product sparks controversy

It all started with a hero turned villain... a nerdy, well-connected billionaire, whom people trusted with their life savings after seeing him get out of his Toyota Corolla.

After SBF allegedly embezzled billions of dollars, among other charges, the web3 community suddenly reached illumination and only had one word to type with their keyboards: SELF-CUSTODY. With a good old-fashioned web3-like overreaction, the demand for ledger wallets boomed, to an unprecedented level. Everyone got their own little device, making sure that no one would ever be able to access their funds again... at least that's what they thought 🤡 

Then, Ledger Recover came in and destroyed the house of cards, reinstalling doubt within the fragile trust the community had built back. This service employs a technique where the user’s seed phrase is encrypted, broken down into 3 pieces and each is sent to an external entity, allowing you to recover it in case you can't take care of a piece of paper. So the main reaction was that, sure... We now can trust Ledger to control our assets, give them our state ID and let them take care of the whole recovery process... but why bother buying a physical device then?

However, it is important to note that updates like that could be the next step to onboarding the mainstream audience into web3. Mainly because we'd rather trust a multi-billion $ company than our 70 year old auntie to make sure her retirement funds don't evaporate. But this fierce controversy looks far from being settled with Ledger recently announcing a town hall to listen to the community's feedback. To be continued...

Apple might change its stance on web3

One of the biggest hurdles to web3 mass adoption was that a lot of people use iPhones and other Apple products on a daily... and that Apple Store virtually banned anything that had to do with crypto, NFTs, digital tokens, GameFi... the list goes on.

But this might not be the case anymore! In the last few days, multiple web3 apps integrated with Apple products. Starting with the infamous Axie NFT, that recently announced the launch of an early-access version into the App Store. It went even further in a matter of hours with StepN welcoming Apple Pay into its platform.

Keep in mind that Apple's slow move towards web3 hasn't always been smooth sailing. Back in September 2022, the company announced it would allow NFTs to be sold through its payment system, weighing a 30% transaction fee- which was quickly ruled as illegal by a US court 😛.

Best practices for token communities

Like every month, we got some alpha for you, contributors in a web3 community. And this time, it is a tangible example of a leading organization, who has mastered the art of streamlining its organization. We went in immersion with the RaidGuild team, to understand how they efficiently run their DAO. Check out this article for the answer.

Ambassador spotlight

We love all of our community members, but there is a group of people that are special to us because of their engagement in onboarding people to the space and assist them with their expertise.

One of the CharmVerse Ambassadors is Aléksa Mil, also known as daolexa. And Aléksa is a superstar in everything DAO related- if being a DAO member was a video game, she could beat the final boss half asleep. Her consultancy services include governance, operation, investing, product, legal and more. She does it all, and the world deserves to know.

Cool stuff seen on CharmVerse

  • Talking about ambassadors, CharmVerse will be holding panels and fireside chats with experts on various web3 subjects in the coming month. Make sure to follow the right Twitter and Linkedin to get smarter about everything web3. You are already in the right path if you're reading this, it's now up to you to move to the next level of knowledge 🧠 .

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