🍨Epic Game-changer: Luxury, Sports & Gaming's Web3 Triple Play!

The Geral #4: Get your monthly scoop of web3 news!

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Got nothing much to do since web3 has quieted down? Perfect! Because our geeky team has rolled up another scroll of knowledge for you - yep, it's a new edition of The Geral, which will now start being published bi-weekly instead of monthly! If we did the math right, that means 2x the amount of fun, life changing-knowledge, and fire memes. Not the 2x you’ve been expecting on your crypto portfolio but a more-than-decent consolation price, we would say…

Let’s dive right into what we got for you.


  • Epic Games, LVMH and Nike all unite around web3

  • Tokenized Teslas attempt a decentralized approach ride sharing

  • A web3 alternative to OnlyFans is making waves

  • DAO governance is not working. Now what?

Epic Games, LVMH and Nike all unite around web3

There isn’t much in common between rocking a Nike tracksuit and a $10,000 Louis Vuitton bag, except that these brands both hold a massive influence over consumers’ minds. The good news is that they will both ally their mainstream power for a web3 project. And what’s better than Fortnite, the Epic Games’ virtual daycare for humans on the brink of puberty for that?

The goal is to provide a “digital show experience” on the “Metaverse” that Fortnite aims to build. Yes, we know what that sounds like: a confetti explosion of buzzwords with years of cringy tweets behind them.

The best (and main) part though, is that this partnership has the potential to bring a first web3 experience to a mainstream audience. Although there are few details about what it will exactly entail, hopefully we can dare to hope for some form of blockchain-secured digital ownership of the in-game items born from this collab. A marketplace for gamers to exchange their characters’ skins and items could almost make this game interesting again. Why not also have a native cryptocurrency to power this ecosystem as well? With that said, let’s stick to the facts and leave all the wishful thinking elsewhere. Consumer brands entering web3 is dope, and we’re here to see more of it!

Tokenized Teslas attempt a decentralized approach ride sharing

There is still a ton of cool stuff happening in web3, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. And that’s the case for a company called Elop, that just partnered with the Peaq blockchain to launch a tokenized car-sharing service. The concept behind it? You can buy the tokens and own a portion of the startup’s cars, making you entitled to a share of the total revenue generated by the ride-sharing activities. So far, 200 cars have been tokenized and are driving the streets of Vienna. Pretty cool isn’t it? Democratized ownership and control over data are everything web3 stands for, and it does feel good to see the web3 ethos in practice.

A web3 alternative to OnlyFans is making waves

You’ve probably heard of OnlyFans, the platform that enables creators to monetize exclusive content through subscriptions. And although you may have never used it, you’ve definitely heard that it’s probably close to making as many millionaires as the gold rush at its peak. Let’s not digress too much though, we’re here to talk about Only1, the web3 alternative to OnlyFans. Created by a previous OnlyFans content creator and web3 influencer, Only1 aims to bring a blockchain-based solution to this niche, with NFT membership passes.

The value proposition is pretty simple: decentralized moderation, less censorship and fees. And who knows? Maybe you’ll find your favorite content creator on there at some point. A cool way to add to your NFT collection…

What we’ve been reading recently

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Best practices for your token community

We know a lot of the smarter ones are here because of this section, at least in part. After all, wanting to take your web3 community to a whole different level is a totally respectable quest, but not an easy one… so let us help you with it.

This time, we came with a plain-speaking piece that will address one of the most important challenges encountered by DAOs: governance. If you’re wondering why community decision-making is not necessarily working in web3 so far and what are some of the solutions to solve it, here you go!

Cool stuff seen on CharmVerse

July usually means summertime, national holidays and the start of the year's second half. But the month named after Julius Caesar has a special taste this year, with the introduction of the much anticipated CharmVerse Community Edition.

So, essentially, CharmVerse just upgraded to a new version that includes custom domains- personalize your domain in the format "http://wiki.MyDAO.io"- API access and custom roles.

Everyone gets a 3-month free trial! Want more? Claim 40% off for the 1st year by upgrading NOW with the code "charmed", the offer is only valid until July 7th though!

And upgrading is pretty easy, here is how it goes once you are on your CharmVerse space:

Go to your Settings Tab --> Billing tab --> Click upgrade on Community Edition

Ambassador Spotlight

Before unveiling the 🔥 memes we got ready for you, let us steal the spotlight for a builder who really deserves it.

Alejandro (aka Wasabi) is an entrepreneur and angel investor who’s passionate about web3 and impact. His latest venture? Kokonut Network. Kokonut is trying to build a bridge between web3 and agriculture through a network of coconut farms. One of the coolest initiatives in the space currently, truly deserves a shout-out.

Memes of the month

We would like to dedicate the first few lines of this section to celebrating another newsletter with zero shitcoin shilling or wild guesses on next week’s crypto prices. The same cannot be said for those of you who believe your $4.8M market cap token can be traded using technical analysis.

This is what we personally see:

Maybe these people need to realize that…

Enough to make you lose faith in humanity.

And that’s a wrap for this edition of The Geral! See you very soon for your next scoop of web3 community news.