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  • Adidas launches web3 artist residency program

  • Hong Kong’s financial secretary bullish on blockchain technology

  • Binance Labs announces a community investment platform

  • A Comprehensive Guide about Legal considerations for DAOs

  • An exclusive Web3 educational platform opens up

Adidas launches Web3 artist residency program

It has been quite some time that we’ve been hearing near-depressing comments about this crypto winter being the longest, most painful ever. We would beg to disagree. This past year has been the year of mainstream brands entering web3, the biggest corporations getting crypto allocations and blockchain’s utilities finally coming to concrete application. But of course, you’d have to consistently read The Geral to keep up with these… Even for you, price action fanatics, keep in mind that $BTC is still over 1/3 of its all-time high.

So let’s relax… and let us tell you about one of the biggest moves that has just happened in the NFT community space.

Adidas has just launched a groundbreaking residency program for web3 artists. The Three Stripes brand will collaborate with professionals across the globe to propose their artwork through exclusive NFT drops.

This is not the first time that Adidas is getting involved with the NFT space, but it is unprecedented in the fact that artists will be able to take advantage of extensive support from Three Stripes Studio, the company’s web3 branch, in every stage of their project. Their head of communication has even added that the brand is ready to “go all-in in engaging web3 artists”, a pretty aggressive statement if you ask us.

The first participating artists will be Japan-based MonkeeMoto and Lebanese Dear Nostalgia. If it sparks your interest, don’t hesitate to check out their work on the occasion of the first drop on September 6th!

Hong Kong’s Financial Secretary bullish on blockchain technology

Web3 is a very diverse space… On one hand, you can see a regular memecoin degen, staring at charts and Telegram group chats 25 hours a day while eating Doritos. They will be claiming that “P2E mEtA Is dEad”, just because yesterday was the 74th time of this business week that he got rugged by a project “guaranteeing” 210000% auto-compounding APY. On the other hand, you have the Financial Secretary of a leading place in the tech sector, saying he is extremely bullish on immersive blockchain entertainment and Play-to-Earn models. So who is right?

According to Paul Chan Mo-po, the security, transparency and cost-effectiveness brought by blockchain constitute arguments that make the technology a life-changing opportunity for the entertainment industry. At the 2023 Digital Entertainment Leadership Forum, he even added that successful applications could be further extended to fields like finance, trade, and daily life.

It wouldn’t be that interesting if those words were not backed by actions. But HK’s involvement in Web3 is evident with the recent allocation of $50 million to a blockchain accelerator from the government and reports suggesting that local banks are being encouraged to onboard crypto clients. Exciting to see how this will play out!

Binance Labs announces a community investment platform

Binance Labs, the dynamic venture division of the (recently controversial) cryptocurrency exchange Binance, has just unveiled ColLabs. It is a platform that aims to be the ultimate connector between venture capitalists, startups, and investors in the world of Web3.

But what’s cool is that ColLabs isn't just a platform, it's aiming to be a vibrant community for knowledge sharing, deal-making, and networking within the Web3 venture capital arena. To do that, Binance built a blog, newsletter and invite-only Telegram channel to gather all contributors and create a regular flow of content.

It is an application-based community, so if you’re interested, definitely check it out and try your luck in getting access to this network. It can’t be worse than the “100x Trading Signals” or “XXX Safe Calls” Telegram channels many of us are currently part of…

Best practices for your token community

Making a Web3 community or DAO a legal entity is a mess. Many would get discouraged in the first 3 minutes of doing research on this topic. We’re no lawyers or legal advisors but have put together an extensive guide to equip you with the necessary knowledge to contemplate key elements of the legal setup of your organization. This is important stuff to know ahead of jurisdictions adapting their regulations to the decentralized world, so for your own good, take a look at it.

Cool stuff seen on CharmVerse

  • Who said that school was necessarily boring and mainly teaches useless stuff? We, at CharmVerse, have recently taken on the mission of making Web3 education accessible to all.

    For that purpose, we built the Charm School, an educational platform that aims to gather all the necessary knowledge to build and grow a Web3 community.

    If you were never a model student, this is your opportunity to redeem yourself and become an expert in the space, with engaging content only one click away!

  • Last week, we asked you about the biggest barrier to web3 mainstream adoption. Here are the results:

Lack of knowledge: 15%

Technical Complexity: 40.5%

Skepticism about use-case: 18.2%

Others: 27.3%

Seems like many of you think the space’s current technical unfriendliness to newcomers is the biggest element to overcome.

Curious to know your opinion on this week’s topic:

What's the most effective governance model for DAOs, in your opinion?

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Ambassador Spotlight

Erin is the co-founder of http://DecentraList.com and Eli5DAO. These two projects are must-knows for anyone looking to educate themselves on the decentralized world.

Check out Eli5 to learn more about DAO resources and the tools currently available in the space and Decentralist for an extensive directory on everything web3.

Keep it up, Erin!

Memes of the month

A great newsletter isn’t one without its plentiful dose of memes. So here it is!

This is from a real MidJourney prompt, per sources:

Many of these people “pivoted” to AI startups that look like this:

Elon probably planned all of it…

And bruh… wtf is going on with this last one💀

That’s a wrap for The Geral #8! See you in two weeks for another deep dive into the world of Web3 communities.