🍨Immutable & AWS: The No-Nonsense Game Changers

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Welcome back to The Geral, the bi-weekly deep dive into the fascinating world of web3 communities with the usual coolest updates on blockchain adoption across the world. And we got a ton for you, again. Just because you don’t see crypto on your daily mainstream news report doesn’t mean stuff isn’t happening at an incredibly rapid pace. Let’s get right into this edition’s content.


  • Immutable & AWS partner up for a gaming project

  • UK looks to become a hub for blockchain

  • Mastercard's Sassy CBDC experiments

  • Harnessing Web3 for positive impact

Immutable & AWS: The No-Nonsense Game Changers

Immutable, that blockchain gaming company you might have heard of is now officially rubbing shoulders with the cloud giant, AWS. Why? To make blockchain gaming infrastructure more attractive to devs.

What's in it for Immutable? Besides the obvious bragging rights of partnering with AWS, they get to dive deep into Amazon’s Independent Software Vendors (ISV) Accelerate Program. Fancy name, right? But let's cut the fluff. This program basically offers support and perks to partner with AWS sellers worldwide.

To join this elite club, Immutable had to jump through a few hoops. They signed an NDA, went through a business review, and committed to maintaining a whopping $350,000 in AWS revenue through the partner network over a year. AWS does love its red tape.

Despite all this lovely partnership stuff, Amazon took the wise path by choosing to have zero exposure to Immutable’s native token IMX. Talk about setting boundaries!

So what about game developers using Immutable? They get to be part of AWS Activate. This program is like a candy store for devs, offering tech support, referrals, and a grand prize of up to $100,000 in AWS credits.

John Kearney, head of sales at AWS, reminded us that Web3 gaming is skyrocketing. As if we needed another sign that the blockchain industry is becoming mainstream. 🚀

UK's Web3 Playbook: Outmaneuvering the U.S. in the Crypto Chess Game

As Web3 firms consider ghosting the U.S. (thanks to its "clear-as-mud" regulatory stance), the UK is smirking in the corner, plotting its move to become the next crypto haven.

The conservative big brains at Policy Exchange have dropped a bombshell report with a not-so-subtle message: "Hey Web3, fancy a cuppa tea in London?" Top of their wooing list? Cutting some slack for DAO token holders and giving the FCA a gentle shove towards the digital era with new KYC tools like digital IDs and blockchain analytics. Their endgame? To paint the UK as a hub for Web3 tech.

The Policy Exchange suggests not bothering self-hosted wallets and not treating PoS services as typical financial services. They want to keep the main idea of decentralization but also add some security. The UK's message is: "Come innovate here, but remember, we're keeping an eye out."

And even though the UK's big crypto bosses (ahem, His Majesty’s Treasury and the FCA) have been flexing their muscles, this report might just be the peace offering Web3 bigwigs were hoping for.

With the global Web3 stage resembling a messy reality TV show, companies are on the hunt for a less drama-filled paradise. While the U.S. continues its love-hate tango with crypto, the UK's trying to sneak into the spotlight with its "we've-got-it-all-figured-out" stance.

Mastercard's Sassy CBDC experiments

There has been a lot of controversy about the implementation of a CBDC across the years in crypto, and even more so recently. Mastercard, ever the showoff, just flexed its latest trick: making CBDCs play nice with different blockchains. This experiment is run as a test for the Australian government. Why? To give us a 'safer' way to switch multiple blockchains. How generous!

In a live demo, Mastercard showed how someone could use a test CBDC to buy an NFT on the Ethereum blockchain. They basically "froze" some of this test CBDC on their platform and minted a matching amount of the special CBDC tokens on Ethereum. But wait, it's VIP-only! Both the buyer's and seller's Ethereum wallets had to be on the 'cool kids' list.

Remember June 2023? Mastercard dropped its Multi Token Network, their attempt to make blockchain payments smoother. It's like their fancy toolbox for all things blockchain. And surprise, surprise, it's still in beta. But hey, it's part of their grand plan to sprinkle blockchain magic everywhere.

Best practices for your token community

In a world where plants are gasping for air and polar bears are on thin ice (literally), we need people who truly care about having an impact. Riding the Web3 wave, Jimi Cohen is here to save the day. Check out this piece to get inspiration on ways in which your Web3 community can become a leader for positive change.

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