🍨Indian Giant Shakes Up Loyalty Rewards

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  • Indian E-commerce Giant partners with Polygon

  • Reebok’s venture into the Metaverse

  • NYC’s crypto-sport event

  • Legal considerations for DAOs

  • CharmVerse welcomes Taiko’s grant program

FireDrops: Flipkart's Gamified Gimmick?

Flipkart, the big-shot e-commerce player (backed by none other than Walmart), decided that regular loyalty programs are so last season. That’s why they introduced Firedrops, a new initiative that is a playground for brands on Flipkart. They're ditching those boring physical rewards for virtual goodies. Think mystery boxes, special badges, and oh, digital discount coupons (because who needs real things anymore?).

But here's the kicker: they're teaming up with Polygon to make this happen. Yep, the same Polygon known for fancy blockchain tech. They're building a custom Layer 2 network just for Flipkart. This means Flipkart gets its own little blockspace, and users won't have to sell a kidney to pay transaction fees.

Flipkart's not holding back on the shade. On their FireDrops website, they're calling out other reward programs as 'complex, boring, and broken.' Since its debut, they've got over 3.3 million wallets chasing NFTs like they're going out of style. Their motto? Buy stuff, sell rewards, and repeat.

Flipkart's not alone in this web3 rodeo. Big names like Starbucks, Lufthansa, and Lacoste are also diving into digital rewards. Talk about blockchain tech finally having use cases!

But Flipkart's looking to be the trendsetter in this e-commerce's future. Them and Polygon are definitely making waves in the space and we’re here to watch how it all unfolds!

Reebok's Big Splash: Reebok Impact

Reebok, the brand you probably know from those sneakers you swore would make you run faster, is diving headfirst into the deep waters of web3. So, Reebok has cooked up something called "Reebok Impact." It sounds like a new sneaker line, but nope, it's their new web3 initiative. Details are as scarce as a straightforward answer in a politician's speech, but here's the scoop: they're promising a "heart-bending digital shoe experience." Not sure what that means, but it sounds like a shoe that'll break your heart? Or bend it?

Reebook is teaming up with Futureverse, a startup specialized in AI and the Metarverse. Futureverse, in their X thread, teased this collaboration with the excitement of a kid in a candy store. They're talking about artificial intelligence, digital wearables, and probably some other buzzwords that sound cool but make zero sense to us mere mortals.

Hold on, though – this isn't Reebok's first adventure in web3. Remember back in 2021, when they teamed up with A$AP NAST for those NFTs that were as exclusive as a secret society? Yeah, they were testing the waters even then. Now, seems like they're just diving in with both feet.

Will this be groundbreaking or just another 'meh' moment in the ever-confusing saga of brand experiments in web3? Only time will tell. But one thing's for sure – in the realm of big corporations entering blockchain, it's never a dull moment.

Sporting Crypto Social NYC: The Ultimate Mashup

Imagine a place where the NBA rubs elbows with blockchain bigwigs, and NHL stars discuss tokenization with tech giants. That's what went down at the Sporting Crypto Social NYC edition. This eventwas less about showing off LinkedIn profiles and more about geeking out over how blockchain is infiltrating sports, gaming, and, well, everything.

The Rally Museum, known for its collection of 'you-can't-touch-this' collectibles, played host. It's like having a party in a treasure chest, except you can't take any treasure home. The talk of the town? Tokenization and real-world assets. Because again, who needs actual stuff when you can own digital versions, right?

Jamie King, the Rockstar Games co-founder turned impromptu bartender, probably had more fun than anyone else. His philosophy? "Strong communities lead to groundbreaking achievements." Maybe he meant strong drinks lead to lively conversations? The chit-chat wasn't all about blockchain's next big thing, it was also about the here and now. How is this tech sneaking into sports, gaming, music, and fashion? These are all good questions we certainly have more answers for.

As the night wore on, the conversations got deeper, fueled by the universal language of pizza and alcohol. Alex Levin from L+R summed it up: This tech landscape is evolving fast, but it's the passionate human spirit driving it. Or maybe it was just the spirits?

By the time the night wrapped up, it seemed like everyone agreed: the next million Web3 users would probably come from this crowd. Or maybe it was just another typical night in NYC, where anything can happen, and usually does.

Best Practices for your Token Community

If you've been keeping an eye on The Geral, you'll know that DAOs are more than just a buzzword, they're reshaping how we perceive and engage in community work and governance.

In our latest blog post, we're unraveling the complexities of DAOs, offering a clear and concise guide to understanding their legal intricacies. This isn't legal advice in any shape of form, but a good rundown on things to keep in mind for your token community.

Cool Stuff Seen on CharmVerse👀

Taiko has returned, bringing a massive $30M grant pool, and this time around, they're joining forces with us at CharmVerse. Why? Because we believe grant management should be a breeze, not a burden.

After Optimism, Safe, Mantle and others, Taiko has decided to try the CharmVerse experience. And we’re proud to be serving incredible actors in the space and assisting amazing builders in securing funding.

Memes of the month🔥

The bull run might be back so the degen-racy on Crypto Twitter is obviously on fire.

When many of these people be like:

Here is what to do instead:

Hopefully some of us get a good response to that after all:

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