🍨Banking Meets Blockchain: Societe Generale's Crypto Adventure

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  • Societe Generale dives into crypto

  • Taiko joins forces with Coin98

  • China’s new stance on web3

  • A comprehensive guide to DAO platforms

Banking Meets Blockchain: Societe Generale's Crypto Adventure

Societe Generale, France’s third-largest bank (because being first or second is too mainstream), decided to jump on the crypto bandwagon. They issued their first digital green bond as a security token on the Ethereum blockchain. The bond is worth 10 million euros, which in simple terms is a lot of baguettes and cheese. And it's a "green" bond, meaning the money is supposed to help the environment. Let's hope the trees know how to cash in digital tokens.

One of the cool things about this bond is that you can check its carbon footprint anytime, thanks to its smart contract. It's like having a fitness tracker but for your investment's environmental impact.

Societe Generale didn't stop there. They introduced their own euro-pegged stablecoin, the EUR CoinVertible. It’s like they suddenly realized euros were too paper-y and not cool enough. This coin lets you trade and settle stuff in the digital world.

Jean-Marc Stenger, the big boss of Societe Generale Forge, says this move is a big deal in the evolving crypto world. It's like the bank is trying to be hip and happening in this age. This isn't just for show. The bank plans to use this stablecoin for all sorts of digital financial stuff. Axa, another big name in the insurance sector, used this fancy new stablecoin to invest in the green bond. With the European Union getting its crypto act together in 2024, Societe Generale's move could be a game-changer. Or it could just be another bank trying to look cool in the web3 world?

Let's not forget, Societe Generale isn’t new to this game. They’ve been playing in the crypto sandbox for a while now. In July, they even got a top license for crypto services in France. Who said Europe couldn’t innovate?

Taiko & Coin98: The New Power Couple in web3

In the latest twist of fate in the world of web3, Taiko has decided to team up with Coin98. Taiko, known for its Ethereum-based ZK-Rollup moves, is now officially joining forces with Coin98’s Super Wallet.

Coin98’s Super Wallet, already popular with its multi-chain charm, has now added Taiko's ZK-Rollup to its arsenal.They're not just holding hands; they're holding private keys together. Remember when you tried to explain blockchain to your grandma, and she nodded off? Well, Taiko and Coin98 are here to make it all sound like the easiest thing in the world. Taiko brings to the table its Ethereum-compatible decentralized solution, while Coin98 flaunts its user-friendly, multi-chain wallet.

In the ever-going debate of which L1/L2 chains being more user-friendly than others, this partnership comes at the just the right time. Have you ever attempted to transfer tokens on the Ethereum Mainnet, only to be deterred by high transaction fees, leading you to search for a method to bridge your assets using various bridge websites that each seem more dubious than the last? Well, the love language in the Taiko-Coin98 relationship is “User Experience.” With Taiko’s ZK-Rollup, users can switch more easily, and Coin98's wallet ensures that managing crypto assets and NFTs is a walk in the decentralized park. The early adopters will be the luckiest over this match. They get to play in the testnet sandbox, getting a taste of the features.

In summary, Taiko and Coin98’s union is more than just a tech integration. It's a testament to what happens when two good products in the blockchain world swipe right on each other. So grab your popcorn, folks. This is one love story you may want to be part of.

From Bans to Boosts: China's web3 Rollercoaster

China has announced plans to boost web3 innovation. It's like they suddenly decided to play nice with the technology they've been giving the cold shoulder.

First on the agenda is improving the 'top-level design'. Sounds fancy, right? It's basically them trying to figure out what web3 actually is and how it can be more than just a buzzword. Next, they're focusing on strengthening technical research and supervision. Because what's the fun in innovation if you can't keep an eagle eye on everything Step three is all about international exchanges and cooperation. Lastly, they want to increase technology publicity and promotion. Because if you invent something cool and nobody hears about it, did it really happen?

Remember when China's decisions used to send the crypto market into a tailspin? Like in May 2021, when they banned financial institutions from crypto services, and the market crashed nearly 50%- like they have a magic button for the crypto market.

A community member on some social platform summed it up: “Chinese govt is the best trader. They promote crypto at the bottom and FUD it at the top 🤦‍♂️.” Seems like they're actually playing 4D chess while the rest of us are playing checkers.

What do you think about China getting more involved in web3?

Ambassador Spotlight

PabloFM is a web3 buidler working on NFT-crap- a project mixing real life interactions with the digital art world of NFTs. They have for goal to onboard individuals and companies into web3 and educate on how these two concepts work and making the most of it. They built Veel-Tark, a role-game we highly recommend you check out.

Best Practices for Your Token Community

Running a DAO? Odds are you're swimming in a sea of tools, trying to boost your productivity. That's exactly why we whipped up a guide. It's your shortcut to understanding successful organizations in the space, pinpointing the best tools, and figuring out how to make them work for you. That’s a piece you’ll want to bookmark. Our Christmas gift for you!

Cool Stuff Seen on CharmVerse

The latest powerhouse to link up with CharmVerse is none other than the Zora Network. That's right, our family is expanding, and there are now very few chains left that aren't part of the CharmVerse ecosystem. To mark this epic collaboration, we're offering a special treat. Dive in to mint your very own exclusive CharmVerse Zorb NFT – absolutely free!

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