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Welcome back to The Geral! As we step into the new year, we're keeping up the tradition of bringing you the best, yet often overlooked, web3 news every two weeks. Our wish for you is to avoid the pitfalls of the web3 world and stay true to its real spirit. Now, let's dive into the exciting updates we've got to start your 2024 on the right note!


  • Visa’s new web3 loyalty program

  • ByBit and Mantle exciting partnership

  • Puma’s commitment to web3 continues

  • A guide to Web3 community management

Visa's "Next-Level" Web3 Loyalty Gimmick

Visa, a familiar name in the world of plastic money, is taking a leap into the Web3 realm with their new "Visa Web3 Loyalty Engagement Solution." They're spicing up the way we spend by adding gamified rewards to the mix.

Imagine a blend of technology and fun, like a carnival of digital experiences. Visa is introducing concepts like augmented reality treasure hunts and playful giveaways, inviting us to join in the fun and possibly earn some digital treats.

The main focus here is to reward us for more than just using our Visa card for purchases. They're merging the digital and real worlds, creating an experience that's part video game, part shopping spree.

Visa recognizes that traditional loyalty programs need a refresh. So, they're incorporating unique digital collectibles. You could participate in a digital scavenger hunt, for example, and earn special digital badges, adding a cool factor to loyalty points.

Now for the technical details: Visa is teaming up with SmartMedia Technologies (SMT) to create this blend of Web2 familiarity and Web3 innovation. Think of it as a fusion of technologies.

With SMT, you'll be able to earn and redeem tokens through an easy-to-use Web3 app. They're providing a platform where brands can create their own custom experiences, akin to building with digital Legos but for loyalty programs. Participants can collect their rewards in a digital wallet, redeemable for exciting things like travel or sports events. It's definitely going to be interesting to see how this unfolds!

Bybit and Mantle - The "Web3 Dream Team"

Here's the lowdown: Bybit’s letting you switch ETH to mETH with a single click. All thanks to Mantle’s tech, which is kind of like the secret sauce in your burger. It's supposed to make staking as easy as pie – or so they say.

Ben Zhou from Bybit is really excited, talking up how they’re making our Web3 lives easier. Feels like someone saying they made a breakthrough in science by inventing a new flavor of bubble gum.

And here comes the mETH Super Boost Event. It's Bybit waving around their generosity flag, helping cover your staking gas fees. They're doubling up the rebate, acting like they're giving away free money. Plus, the biggest stakers get extra rewards – because, you know, more is always better.

Let’s not forget about Mantle. They're the brains behind this whole switch-your-ETH-into-mETH thing. With Bybit, they're stepping a little more out of the shadows and into the spotlight.

Bybit and Mantle joining forces is a tag team in a wrestling match – you’re not sure what to expect, but it sounds fun. You can jump in and see what’s cooking, or just sit back with The Geral and watch all of this unfold.

Puma's "Chilly" Journey Through the Crypto Winter

Puma, the sportswear giant, who's decided that web3 is the coolest trend, despite last year’s market being as warm as an ice cube.

Ivan Dashkov, the big cheese of Emerging Technology at Puma, chatted with TechCrunch+ about their die-hard love for cryptocurrencies. They're all in, trying not to miss the bus like they apparently did with e-commerce and social media🤫- like showing up late to the party but insisting on dancing anyway.

So, what's Puma been up to? They grabbed themselves an Ethereum Name Service domain, Puma.eth, back in February 2022.

By June 2023, Puma decided to jump headfirst into the metaverse with Black Station and Black Station 2. They call it an ‘experimental 3D spatial playground,’ which sounds like a fancy way of saying 'digital jungle gym.' Some folks found it slow and confusing, but hey, at least Puma thinks it's groundbreaking.

Despite hitting a few bumps on the digital road, Puma's still betting big on web3. They're holding on to their crypto dreams like a cat clinging to a tree branch, hoping cryptocurrencies become the next big thing.

Puma's hanging tight to web3 through this crypto winter, like they're waiting for the digital spring. They're trying to be the cool kid on the block, mixing fashion, tech, and the digital world. It's a bold move, like wearing sneakers to a black-tie event. Let's see if they end up starting a trend or just getting some weird looks.

Best Practices for Your Token Community

We've whipped up a blog post that's as refreshing as a cold drink on a hot day in the world of Web3 and community management. We're cutting through the jargon jungle to show you how Web3 is not just shaking things up, but turning the whole table over. Share this with someone who still doesn’t know👇

Cool Stuff Seen On CharmVerse 👀

Oh joy, brace yourselves, governance just got a facelift! Introducing the CharmVerse Proposal Builder, where creating proposals is now as thrilling as a rollercoaster ride (well, almost). Customize your own workflows with the enthusiasm of a kid in a Lego store. Navigate through our sleek, new interface that's prettier than a fresh paint job and easier to use than your TV remote. And the cherry on top? Rewards! Attach milestones and watch your projects turn into a treasure hunt – because nothing says 'motivation' like a good ol' fashioned carrot on a stick. Can't wait to see you turn your proposals into the next best thing with this tool!

Memes of the month 🔥

This new year deserves to get started with the hottest memes seen in web3 recently.

If you were excited about the recent crypto rally but lacked engagement, this is for you:

Or else, please don’t be this guy:

Some might get a gift for the new year, that they probably won’t like

Finally, this is our advice for the year to come (don’t take it too seriously, we know y’all degens)…

That’s a wrap for The Geral #17! See you in two weeks for another deep dive into the world of Web3 communities.