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  • Robbie Williams will perform on the Metaverse

  • Andromeda releases an OS for web3

  • Visa can now swap your crypto into real-world money

  • A Guide through web3 grants

Bybit and LightCycle: The Unlikely Duo Making Virtual Concerts Cool 🎸

In the latest "this is so Web3" news, Bybit, that giant crypto exchange some of you probably use to feel like a Wall Street wolf, is teaming up with LightCycle for a virtual concert. And not just any concert – we're talking Robbie Williams' 25th anniversary. Yeah, the "Angels" guy is now on the metaverse. Welcome to 2024, folks.

Bybit Web3 is doing something with NFTs that's actually cool – selling tickets and collectibles for Robbie's virtual gig- which is kind of like seeing him live, but without the risk of spilling your drink or someone tall standing in front of you.

Presented by LightCycle, this concert is hyped to be the most historic gig of 2024. Robbie Williams is stepping into the metaverse like he's stepping onto a stage. Bybit's going full-onto this, setting up an NFT shop for this concert. They were probably thinking “what's better than a concert?” A concert with blockchain, apparently.

Bybit Web3 is all about making the decentralized world a fun place. With a million users and fancy partnerships, they’re either on to something big or just throwing the most expensive Web3 party ever. So, there you have it, Geral readers. A virtual Robbie Williams concert brought to you by Bybit and LightCycle. It's either going to be a groundbreaking success or a 'why did we think this was a good idea?' moment. Either way, we'll be watching with popcorn in hand.

Andromeda's aOS: The "Easy Button" for Web3

So, Andromeda is rolling out this new thing called the Andromeda Operating System (aOS). Think of it as a fancy remote control for Web3. It's supposed to make building dApps as easy as microwaving popcorn – with no buttery fingers. They sell the App Builder in aOS as so simple, a toddler should be able to use it. For those of you who have dreamed of being a tech expert but can barely set up a wallet, this might be your moment.

The Andromeda App Builder is just like a dollar store for Web3 apps, where you can grab some pre-built apps, slap on your logo, and call it a day. Because, who has time to build stuff from scratch nowadays? This works with ADOs (or Andromeda Digital Objects) which are basically the LEGO blocks of the app. They're meant to make building dApps so easy, you’d think you’re just playing a game. Except, it’s a game where you might actually make some money.

aOS is supposed to work with any blockchain in the Cosmos ecosystem. For those of you who have been following, Cosmos has been the blockchain for project development, like Celestia and others… Hasn’t been doing so well for you, $COSMOS holders.

And there you have it– aOS, the latest super exciting toy in the web3 playground. It promises to make things easier, faster, and less of a headache. But as always, we'll believe it when we see it. Till then, keep it real and stay skeptical, as we teach you with The Geral!

Transak and Visa: Because Crypto Needs a Babysitter

Transak, the crypto converter, has partnered up with Visa Direct. That's right, the same Visa that's in your wallet, probably hiding behind a gym membership card you never use. Now, they're making it easier for you to turn cryptocurrency into good old regular cash.

Visa, of course, doesn’t allow buying and selling those mysterious internet coins. They're also big on doing the boring stuff – like KYC (Know Your Customer). But they’re not isn't messing around with just a couple of cryptos. They're dealing with over 40 major ones, including Bitcoin, Ether, Solana etc… And they're doing this magic in over 145 countries – a real-world tour, for crypto. They're also integrated with big names like MetaMask and Coinbase Wallet.

Visa Direct is basically building an express lane for your crypto to jump into your real-world wallet. This whole converting crypto to fiat (that's fancy talk for regular money) thing can happen in under 30 minutes. That's probably faster than you can decide what to watch on Netflix. Yanilsa Gonzalez-Ore, the big boss of Visa Direct in North America, is talking about this with a lot of excitment. She says it’s going to be a “faster, simpler, and more connected experience.”

So here's the deal: Visa is now making it easier to turn your digital coins into real-world spending power. So, next time you're sitting on a pile of crypto and wondering how to buy a sandwich with it, you might want to consider it. Just don’t forget, while crypto may feel like play money, your rent still requires the boring kind.

Best Practices for Your Token Community👀

Some of you might see web3 grants as free money (sort of) for people working on cool tech stuff like blockchain and NFTs. But they’re really the key to innovation for builders who dream big but budget small. And as a reader of The Geral, the current consensus is that you deserve success. That’s why we built a Swiss-Army-knife type of guide for you to navigate web3 grants. So, please, do yourself a favor and check it out.

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