Sony Banks on Web3: NFTs, Green Tokens, and a Dash of Eco-Sass!

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Here we are, back to make sure you’re not missing a bit of the latest underreported onchain news. And trust us, they’re easy to miss with all the redundant stories 99% of other providers in the space bring to you. But do not worry, our editor, in a rare moment of generosity (or maybe just too much coffee), has packed this one right.


  • Sony Bank releases web3 products

  • CoreDAO invests into builders in Africa

  • Google Cloud partners up with Aptos

  • A complete guide to blockchain Credentials

Sony Bank Goes Web3 Wild: NFTs, Green Tokens

Sony Bank, the serious financial child of Sony Group, has suddenly decided to become the cool kid on the block. Yeah, because when you think of cutting-edge tech, you obviously think of a bank, right?

So, they’re launching this app called CONNECT. Not a super original name but a cool use case- it will be for NFT and digital rewards (which if you follow The Geral, you've seen many big institutions dive into😇). One small drawback: it's only for Android users at first. Guess Apple is not as cool anymore...

And then there’s this green finance token thingy. Seems like another thing that makes corporations look like they care about the planet saying, “Hey, let’s save the world, but make sure it’s profitable.” But it's still dope because these tokens are like tickets for Japanese residents to join this green party. The tokens are expected to be issued on Securitize, a private blockchain platform

So where’s all the money going? Supposedly to fight climate change and save the bunnies and stuff. But will they stick to blockchain projects or just any green project? That’s the million-dollar question. Oh, and if you want a bonus, just fill out a survey on their app, and bam! You get an NFT. Because nothing will prove your commitment to the planet as if it's on-chain.

Meanwhile, other Sony kids are playing with blockchain too. Their gaming division is patenting NFTs and metaverse things like there’s no tomorrow. And Sony Network Communications? They’re throwing money at web3 because why not? Jun Watanabe from Sony Network Communications says they’re mixing web3 smarts with Sony’s know-how to push global web3 adoption.

So, there you go. Sony Bank is on a web3 journey, and it’s quite an ambitious one. Let's watch and cheer them on 🙃

Core DAO Sprinkles $5 Million Across Africa

Now, let's chat about Core DAO, one of the truly most helpful communities in the space. They’ve decided to throw a cool $5 million into the African Web3 scene. Because nothing says “we care” like a big, fat check, right?

So, Core DAO, the big brains behind the Core Chain protocol, are launching the Core African Innovation Fund. It’s not just your run-of-the-mill fund, though. We're talking grants, builder programs, technical resources, and venture capital investments. Because why give a fish when you can invest in a fishing company?

Rich Rines, an initial contributor at Core DAO, put on his serious hat and said this fund is a testament to the evolving crypto market in Africa.

But hold on, it's not just about cash. Rines wants us to know that they’re nurturing the next generation of builders. Then there’s Brendan Sedo, another Core DAO contributor. He’s the guy saying, “We’ve got a lot of fans in Africa, so let's support our fanbase.”

Core DAO is all about promoting long-term success, driving innovation, and being a big player in the African Web3 landscape. It's like they’re trying to be the cool uncle in the crypto family. And for that local flavor, they’ve roped in Oluwashina Peter as their first African contributor.

So there you have it, folks. Core DAO is making it rain in Africa with their $5 million fund. It's like watching someone play Santa, but for blockchain, and we're big fans.

Google Cloud Plays Matchmaker with Aptos for Web3 Gaming

Google Cloud, the cloud service we all pretend to understand, is now buddying up with Aptos Labs. Because when you think gaming, you obviously think of a cloud service and a blockchain company, right?

Enter the new project: “Aptos GameStack.” It sounds like a fancy new game, but no, it’s just a platform for adding blockchain bits to video games. Because what’s gaming without a side of complicated technology?

Google Cloud is tossing in everything but the kitchen sink: analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. Because why keep things simple? Jack Buser from Google is talking big about pushing web3 into mainstream gaming. It's like trying to convince your grandma to use Snapchat, but the fact they want to try is awesome. But here’s the real kicker: Aptos GameStack will have all sorts of cool stuff. We’re talking digital wallets, NFT collections (because we haven't had enough of those), and Unity APIs.

And for those who can’t let go of the old ways, they’re making it easy to log in with your Facebook or Gmail. So yep, you'll be able to sign in with the same account you use to ignore family group chats. Now, for the stats: web3 gaming tokens are now worth over $30 billion. With the Game Developer Conference coming up, expect more hype about web3 gaming.

Google Cloud and Aptos Labs are playing in the web3 gaming sandbox together. Stay tuned for more updates!

Best Practices for Your Token Community

Our latest blog post gives you all about blockchain credentials and it's not just tech jargon. This stuff is changing the game in how we prove who we are online (without the usual headache). Forget about those old-school paper certificates that get lost in your drawer. Blockchain is here to make your digital life a whole lot easier and, dare we say, cooler. Give it a look at tell us what you think.

Cool Stuff Seen on CharmVerse👀

Our team had a blast at ETH Denver- that’s the least we can say. One thing’s for sure, blockchain conferences are getting better every year and seeing all of you amazing builders in person gave us even more confidence that great things are coming onchain. Keep it up!

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