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Can you believe it’s been a whole year since we started bombarding your inboxes with our unique blend of wit, wisdom, and just the right amount of sarcasm? That’s right, The Geral is officially one year old! We’re like a toddler now - occasionally messy, always curious, and constantly surprising (hopefully in good ways). So get ready for another year of the best underreported web3 news, starting with today’s edition.


  • Diamonds getting tokenized on the blockchain

  • Panasonic dives into web3 and the Internet of Things

  • Animoca Brands invests heavily into Saudi Arabia’s gaming future

  • A deep dive into Farcaster Frames

From Rough to Refined: The Diamond Standard in Crypto

So, here's the deal: diamonds, those rocks that everyone's crazy about, are getting a tech makeover. That's right, they're hopping onto the blockchain bandwagon. Oasis Pro, a crypto platform that probably loves a good treasure hunt, has launched a token on the Avalanche C-Chain. What's it for? Buying a slice of the Diamond Standard Fund. Imagine that – owning part of a diamond stash without having to wear a black turtleneck and plan a heist. Cormac Kinney, the big boss at Diamond Standard, couldn't hide his excitement. Which we can understand since he’s turning a whopping $1.2 trillion natural resource into something you can trade as easily as it gets. Now, that's convenience with a capital C. 🛒💡

This dazzling news dropped into a world where tokenizing real stuff – you know, like gold, credit, bonds – has become hotter than a summer barbecue. It recently suddenly all became about slapping those traditional assets onto blockchains as tokens. BlackRock's recent moves with the $BTC ETF and a tokenized fund backed by U.S. Treasuries on the Ethereum blockchain aren’t for nothing in setting that trend.

But wait, there's more! The Diamond Standard Fund is no ordinary fund. It's cozying up to Bloomberg's Diamond Standard Index (DIAMINDX), and it's structured to be easy to integrate with pension funds and endowments. Plus, it's waving a friendly hello to U.S. retirement accounts known as IRAs. Now, for the techy bit: the token is strutting its stuff with the ERC-3643 token standard. This is like the Swiss Army knife of smart contracts, perfect for managing these fancy tokenized assets.

So, dear Geral readers, next time you're thinking about investing in some ice (and I don't mean the kind in your freezer), remember the blockchain's got you. Diamonds on the blockchain – who would've thought? 💎🌐

Tech Giants Take on Web3: Panasonic and Jasmy's IoT Adventure

🥁 Drum roll, please... Panasonic, yes, the folks who brought us those hefty TVs back in the day, are now dabbling in the oh-so-mysterious realm of blockchain. They're teaming up with Jasmy, a blockchain as Japanese as one can be- a good thing given the recent measures put in place by the Japanese government.

Panasonic Advanced Technology and Jasmy took things slow to build up this partnership. They started talking about it in February but only made it official earlier this week. Now, let's get to the juicy part: The lovechild of this union is a web3 platform that's all about connecting personal data in the Internet of Things. For those who don’t know, the easiest way to picture IoT, is to think about a world where your fridge talks to your toaster. 🥶🍞

The grand plan? To create an open platform that's as popular as sliced bread, used in multiple fields. The catchphrase here is "broad adoption." Just like everyone else in web3 currently, they want everyone in. Hiroshi Harada, the CFO of Jasmy (or Hara, as his social media fans call him), spilled the beans that this decentralized data playground should be up and running in 3 to 6 months.

Flashback to 2016, and Jasmy's founders, a bunch of ex-Sony bigwigs, decided to stir the pot in the crypto world. They made headlines in 2021 when JasmyCoin (JASMY) hit the crypto exchanges, earning the title of "Japan's Bitcoin." Their business model? Letting merchants buy data while paying data owners in sweet, sweet JASMY tokens.

So, folks, grab your popcorn because this Panasonic-Jasmy saga is one to watch. Who knows, maybe your next fridge will be paying you in crypto for the privilege of chilling your veggies! 🥦

A Web3 Gaming Oasis: Animoca Brands Ventures into Saudi Arabia

So, Animoca Brands, a Hong Kong-based gaming giant we’ve talked about multiple times in the Geral, is eyeing up Saudi Arabia with insistance. And they're not just window shopping, they're ready to throw some serious cash in the Saudi web3 gaming scene. 🎮

Now, why Saudi Arabia, you ask? Well, Siu, Animoca’s big boss, has got his eyes on the prize. He's spotted Saudi's young, tech-savvy crowd who are just dabbling on the edge of the Web3 gaming world, ready to jump in. We could say he may have found an oasis in the desert- of gaming opportunities of course.

But hold your camels, it's not just about throwing money at games. Animoca's got grand plans to lay down some serious groundwork – think building standards, creating architecture, the whole thing. Siu thinks that although Southeast Asia's cool, Animoca can be the real pioneer in Saudi. They're starting off with casual games, because everyone loves a little low-stakes fun, before moving on to the blockbuster titles.

Let's rewind a bit – Animoca’s not new to the Saudi scene. They've already had projects in the country, teaming up with Manga Productions and snagging a cool $50 million from a subsidiary of the Public Investment Fund. The days when Animoca had to cut their $2 billion Web3 fund in half seem far gone, now, with the digital tides turning, they're back with a vengeance, ready to conquer the Middle Eastern gaming scene. 🌊

So, get ready, gamers and skeptics alike – Animoca's gearing up for a desert storm in the world of Web3 gaming! 🌪️🕹️

Best Practices for Your Web3 Community

You've probably heard the buzz, but now it's time to dive deep into the world of Farcaster Frames. From minting NFTs to spicing up your social feeds, Frames are about to add some magic to your web3 experience. So, are you ready to turn casts into killer apps and make digital interactions as natural as real life? Visit http://explore.frameeverything.xyz to see our favorite Frames in action!

Cool Stuff Seen on CharmVerse👀

CharmVerse is the headquarters of many grant programs in the space- and everyone should know why by now. And here's a hot update: The Kyoto Protocol, the latest sensation to join our dynamic space, has extended its submission deadline to April 30th! This is your golden chance to get involved and make your mark. Trust us, this is an opportunity you definitely don't want to miss out on.

Ambassador Spotlight

Today, the spotlight is on Will T, Kingfishers Media LLC’s founder. The organization aims to inspire, excite, educate, & motivate people to support the regeneration of knowledge. If you're passionate about learning and discovery, this is the place to be! Many updates are coming up so make sure to check it out!

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