🍨Samsung and Polygon Take Over Your Living Room

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Putting ourselves into the shoes of a reader of The Geral, we noticed you guys might feel like finding a forgotten slice of pizza in your fridge—surprisingly satisfying and slightly questionable. Except it only happens once every two weeks. Anyway, we’re back again this time with 🔥 news you’ve heard nowhere else so that you can maybe even learn something—accidentally, of course.


  • Samsung and Polygon Take Over Your Living Room

  • Fashion and Beauty companies Launch Blockchain Projects

  • Sui co-launches a New OS System

  • A Deep Dive into the different types of Grant Programs

Samsung and Polygon Take Over Your Living Room

In today's edition of The Geral, we're diving into the headline that's been turning heads and maybe even TVs: Samsung's big-time partnership with Polygon. Yes, apparently, your smart TV is about to get smarter—or at least more blockchain-y. Well, basically, Samsung has decided that what every living room in the world needs is more web3. Introducing the TX1 Project, which sounds like a Terminator sequel but is actually just a fancy way of saying "we're gonna make it super easy for you to access digital art and play blockchain games on your TV." Because, you know, who needs regular TV shows when you can watch your NFT collection all day?

Over in Deutschland, Samsung's rolling out the red carpet with a special web3 TV bundle. This isn't your grandma's TV bundle—unless she's into NFTs and securing her digital assets with a Ledger Wallet. Yep, you heard that right: a SmartTV that not only lets you binge-watch but also trade digital art with the flick of a remote.

As if teaming up with Polygon wasn't enough, Samsung's pulling in all their blockchain buddies. We've got World of Women NFT, Illuvium, Ledger, and Wilder World joining the party. Guess we're about to find out if the era of watching TV while playing blockchain games and trading NFTs is the one we've all been waiting for. In true market fashion, the response has been a hearty "meh" with a side of cautious optimism. Polygon and Samsung have high hopes for their tech-tangled romance, promising even more integrations that could, dare we say, change the game (or at least how we play it). Only time will tell if this partnership is the big leap forward for Web3 or just another tech fad.

So there you have it. Next time you're lounging on the couch, remember, your TV might soon be more crypto-savvy than you. Stay tuned and stay skeptical, folks!

A Brave New World of Fashion and Beauty on the Blockchain

Once upon a time, 77% of businesses thought social media was the pinnacle of consumer engagement (it is a real statistic- not sarcasm for once). Fast forward to today, and we're witnessing a shift towards something way cooler and, frankly, way more complicated. Enter the era of web3, where blockchain isn't just for crypto nerds anymore.

First stop on this hype train is KIKI World, the cosmetics brand, where the founder Jana Bobosikova has decided that buying beauty products should be as complicated as filing your taxes- happy tax day in advance🥱 . Instead of just picking up a lipstick, now you can vote on what shade of 'Red Riot' gets produced next month. Democracy in action, folks! And guess what? They call their products "community-created."

Moving on, let’s talk about NFC-enabled fashion. CreatedBy and their NFC tags are turning your new hoodie into a biography. Tap your phone against it, and voilà, you now know more about your jacket’s life than you do about your second cousin. Transparency is so hot right now. CreatedBy’s Tom Wallace wants your clothes to tell you where they've been, who made them, and ethical info that’ll make you feel either really good or really guilty. The best way they found to do that is to store the data on the blockchain. And hey, if you get bored, your jacket might just turn into a different jacket someday, because why sell you something new when they can just recycle the old one right on your back?

Despite all the bells and whistles, not everyone is buying what web3 is selling—literally. There’s a bit of an education gap that's wider than the Grand Canyon, and the crypto stigma is stickier than a spilled latte on a laptop. Still, big names like Louis Vuitton are doubling down, probably because they can afford to gamble on whether their next purse will be an NFT or an actual bag. So are we ready to swap our simple shopping sprees for blockchain browsing? Only time will tell.

Enter the SuiPlay0x1 Saga

Now, let’s dissect the latest techno-drama that’s got the gaming community scratching. It’s the big reveal from Playtron: a Linux-powered challenger to the likes of SteamOS and Windows, boldly stepping into the ring with its very own... well, something.

First up, let’s talk about the latest gadget trying to break the internet – the SuiPlay0x1. Announced in what seems like a mix of mystery and marketing at the Sui Basecamp, this device promises to run the enigmatic PlaytronOS. The goal? To bridge the vast seas between PC and mobile gaming, web2 and web3 worlds. Ambitious? Definitely. Viable? Jury’s still out.

The CEO of Playtron teased us with hints about this groundbreaking device but left us hanging. The official page? It’s just a lonely newsletter sign-up box, as empty as my last Zoom party.

From what scraps of information are floating around, this device looks to integrate deeply with the Sui blockchain, thanks to tools like zkLogin and the Sui Kiosk SDKs. This means direct asset ownership tied to your gaming account—yes, your virtual swords and cyber shields could now be really yours (because what's life without owning digital assets, right?).

Now, let’s talk aesthetics because, let's be honest, that's what half of the internet wars are fought over. It’s flat, it's got sticks and a D-pad that seem to take inspiration from a 90s calculator, and it's apparently trying to redefine ‘ergonomics’ by ignoring it completely. Gamers, prepare your thumbs for a workout. But without solid specs or a clearer picture of what’s under the hood, it's like buying a mystery box—you might get a jackpot or just a box of rocks.

What do you think about this leap into the future of web2-web3 interoperability?

Best Practices for Your Web3 Community

We’ve always been about helping you succeed in your projects, and what’s a better you to do that than by teaching you about ways to access funding? The single best opportunity out there to do that is simply granted. So here is an overview of the different types of grant programs, so you can pick and choose.

Cool Stuff Seen on CharmVerse👀

Still on grants, we got a straightforward opportunity for you. If you want to build on CyberConnect, the web3 social network with over 1M accounts, this is for you. And yes, it’s powered by CharmVerse.😎

Memes of the month🔥

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But I honestly think wagmi, to the point of ordering a Five Guys full meal at the airport.

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