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  • Telecommunications to become web-friendly soon?

  • Mirror to pivot to a web3 app

  • ICP switches to a DAO governance system

  • CharmVerse Grants Tracker launches

Zeeve The Binary Holdings Make Telecommunications Web3-Friendly

In what might be the most revolutionary thing to happen to telecommunications since the invention of the angry customer service call, Zeeve and The Binary Holdings (TBH, and yes, that's their real acronym) have decided to hold hands in the Web3 playground. Their mission? To make web3 as commonplace in telecom as dropped calls and overage charges.

Here's the scoop: Zeeve, not to be confused with your average tech startup that promises to revolutionize the way you burn toast, has teamed up with TBH to roll out what they're calling a "Rollup-as-a-Service." Sounds fancy, doesn't it? Well, it’s supposed to make integrating all those buzzword-y web3 elements smoother than your telecom provider's excuse for why your internet was down last night.TBH, a giant in making things sound more complicated than they need to be, is basically just leveraging something called Optimism’s OP Stack. Optimism makes it easier for developers to build decentralized apps that will hopefully run faster than your current mobile data.

Zeeve will be flexing its tech muscles by throwing in everything but the kitchen sink: a RaaS dashboard (because we needed another acronym), a custom explorer called TraceHawk, and some snazzy user interfaces that promise to be as intuitive as your last "smart" appliance purchase. And in case you forgot this was all about Web3, the partnership is set to pump up the utility of $BNRY, TBH’s native gas token. Because what’s a web3 initiative without a native token that often sounds like a typo?

In the end, TBH and Zeeve are paving the way for telecommunications companies to dip their toes into blockchain. Whether this leads to a wave of innovation remains to be seen. But hey, at least we'll have high transaction throughput at reduced costs to look forward to, or at the very least, some more acronyms.

Paragraph Acquires Mirror, Debuts 'Kiosk'

In a twist that absolutely no one saw coming except everyone, Paragraph, a blockchain enthusiast's favorite publishing platform, has scooped up Mirror. This acquisition sets the stage for a groundbreaking innovation in the tech world: yet another social media app. Enter 'Kiosk,' the latest arena where you can show off digital assets you probably didn't need in the first place.

Mirror will keep doing its thing separately for now, because abrupt changes are so last season. Meanwhile, the brains at Mirror are tasked with building Kiosk, ensuring they don’t run out of things to do post-acquisition. Kiosk, crafted on the Farcaster Protocol, isn't just another place to like and share cat videos. No, it’s where you can show off your digital assets like nowhere else for now. Because what’s more social than broadcasting your latest crypto buys or flashing your NFT collection?

Denis Nazarov of Mirror described Kiosk as a social hub where you can "see what people are buying and who they are following." It’s like combining the nosiness of traditional social media with the thrill of showing off your blockchain apes. Pretty good, to be honest. Colin Armstrong from Paragraph reassured everyone that both parties are thrilled, which is corporate for "we all think we got the better end of the deal."

Thanks to the help of Union Square Ventures, who likely nudged both parties into agreement, we now have Kiosk. It's set to revolutionize how we mix social interaction with crypto transactions. Cheers to that!

ICP From Zero to Hero and Back

In a plot that might be too twisty even for blockchain enthusiasts, the Dfinity Foundation, armed with a cool $100 million from their 2018 ICO days, has been on a wild ride with their brainchild: the Internet Computer Protocol (ICP). Initially, the ICP token did a spectacular nose dive, thanks to a cocktail of alleged market manipulations, a confusing token unlock schedule, and the usual operational hiccups. But, just when you thought it was safe to write off ICP as another "could-have-been," the token surged by a staggering 490% from October 2023 to January 2024.

And what's a comeback without a party? ICP decided to throw a massive change now transitioning to a DAO—because sounds like DAOs are retrieving some hype these days? At the same time, they are launching the ICPCC events, featuring watch parties in 25 major cities to live-streaming deep dives into the ICP ecosystem.

Oh, and because every good saga needs a villain, there's "Cracking FTX," a documentary premiering at the ICPCC that aims to spill the tea on how FTX might have played dirty with synthetic assets to take down heroes like ICP. Created by a YouTuber, this film promises drama with a side of blockchain enlightenment. Then there’s Windoge98, because if you can’t beat the meme culture, join it. Windoge98 is a project that aims to bring to ICP what Doge brought to Bitcoin, leveraging the nostalgia of Windows 98 to attract folks to ICP with games like 3D Pinball. Kinda like throwing a retro party but forgetting to invite anyone under 30.

Will ICP succeed as a DAO? Only time will tell. Until then, share with us your thoughts on this governance model for big projects!

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