🍨 The Great Transition: from Corporations to Communities

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Gm and welcome to The Geral, the first step of an epic journey. A step so grand and magnificent, it shall set the course for an adventure of legendary proportions.

I mean... really, just the first episode of a monthly newsletter that covers web3 communities and DAOs. If that's your cup of tea, stick around. If not, still stick around, we promise learning is sometimes not that painful.

First off, let us explain what you will NOT find in this newsletter. If you're looking for a shaman-esk prediction of Bitcoin's price action, this is definitely not the place. For that, we strongly suggest that you camp outside of the Eccles Building for a few months waiting for Jerome Powell to drop his own newsletter. Because let's be honest, who has become a trading legend by reading a piece of electronic paper?

Instead, what we offer here is an epic review of what recently happened in the web3 community sphere, with best practices to adopt for your own community, a few memes, and a good time.

Alright, let's dive in after this already too-long introduction!


  • Arbitrum transitions to a DAO

  • University students come up with a revolutionary web3 solution

  • The first NFT art gallery opens up in a major city

  • How should you use CRMs and Ops platforms for your token community?

  • Real estate’s role in the web3 revolution

News of the Month

1/ Arbitrum

Arbitrum is the latest blockchain project that has decided to move to a DAO governance model. You might be like "Okay... another firm that wants to sell us a shitcoin?", so here is why this is a big deal:

  • Arbitrum is a Layer-2 blockchain, which means it is built on top of another blockchain and gives access to cheaper, faster transactions while having the security of the Layer-1. With that in mind, Arbitrum is the first Layer-2 to introduce self-governance, meaning that every vote the DAO has on-chain will be executed without anyone needing to do anything. So no admins, no intermediaries, no BS.

  • Arbitrum is freaking huge! With about $3.4B in total value locked, representing more than 54% of the Ethereum market share, it's always good to see the DAO governance model expand.

  • The $ARB token will have a guaranteed maximum yearly inflation of 2%. Off Chain Labs- the company behind Arbitrum- for next Fed chair?

2/ Wallets using account abstraction

We all have that crazy aunt, uncle or relative who somehow got into crypto in the last two years. They are likely to have no idea about what they are doing and setting up a hot wallet is similar to untangling a pile of earphones that keep knotting themselves up for them. We're not making fun of your auntie, but rather want to show how the complexity of some apps have slown down web3 adoption.

According to Cointelegraph, Stanford college kids might have come up with the solution. A protocol that simplifies user experience with "account abstraction". This complicated term just means that users are able to have a way more friendly interface, that bundles transactions so that there is no need to sign every time, let's you authenticate using social media temporarily and uses plain language that could be understood by a 5 years old. Basically something like Metamask, without all the hard-to-understand crypto jargon.

Account abstraction has for mission to onboard the next billion of users into the web3 community. Yes, only that. After all, some of the best innovations came out after a couple geniuses dropped out of an elite university to develop them. And if you're in college, please don't drop out. You're probably not Mark Zuckerberg.

3/ NFT Museum

This news is for all the folks who have ever said "WhY wOuLd I eVeR buY a JPEG" or anything along those lines.

Digital art is certainly gathering a real, growing community that has already onboarded thousands of people. There has actually been a full-size museum for NFT lovers, right in the heart of Seattle, WA. The cool part about it? Their primary goal is to educate the general public about NFTs, so that there will be less people to explain that, no, you can't just "right-click-save" someone's digital asset and say you own it.

Best practices for your token community

Let's dive into some of the best practices to adopt for token communities. This section is basically a cheat code, that will change the Web3 Community Management game forever. If you're reading this newsletter until this point, congrats, you're certainly at least one step closer to the 0.1%.

  • Let's start with a fundamental. CRMs and Ops platforms help improve onboarding processes, engage audiences and automate workflows. If you are part of a community that is using neither ops platforms or CRMs, this is your sign to start doing so. Everything you need to know is in this article!

  • We've seen an increased number of token communities in the real estate sphere. The reason is that what web3 brings on the table for this industry is freaking awesome. Get a sense of what tokenization of assets, smart-contracts and blockchain are revolutionizing real estate before your deed turns into an ERC-721.

Cool stuff seen on CharmVerse πŸ‘€ 

One of the perks of following CharmVerse is that you see a LOT of cool stuff being built and shared by fellow web3 community members. Here is what popped up on our radar recently.

  • Name a feeling worse than joining a platform, signing up and having no idea where to start or what to do. Yes, there is probably worse but it's still pretty annoying... For this exact reason, CharmVerse has added a bunch of themed-template spaces so that you don't have to worry about titles, structure and all the micro-management tasks that would be wasting your precious time.

  • Farcaster is dope, we all know that. But the fact that they are funding people to work completely freely on the ecosystem's growth, by only tracking their budget and objectives, is even more awesome. When we say CharmVerse is powering a new way to do work, it is no BS.

Memes of the month

Alright, let's wrap up this newsletter with a few finely selected memes. Because after all, what's web3 without memes?

We are living in an unfortunate situation, for those of you who are lost, here is a complete breakdown. A picture is worth a thousand words, right?

Of course, all of this led to this:

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Because of people like this:

And to finish it off, a... masterclass from Elon Musk

That's a wrap for this edition for The Geral! We'll come back very soon for some new adventures. Stay tuned!